The Evolution of Crime Scenes

Being a Criminal Has Never Been Harder

Detectives in today’s day and age have several advantages over criminals that didn’t exist in the previous century. New breakthroughs have led to the innocent being exonerated as well as easily put away guilty humans. In “How to Solve a Murder” by Jill Hilbrenner, a veteran detective on the Los Angeles police force Tim Marcia helps explain these advantages in a podcast as well as how he is using said advantages to solve a cold case about a teenage girl killed in South Central Los Angeles in July 1980.

Two new breakthroughs from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have helped detectives gain advantages. Advanced Fingerprints Identification Technology known is Afit has improved the accuracy of fingerprint matching from 92% to 99.6% through a complicated algorithm. Fingerprints that were not previously visible can be created with the new strategies and technologies put in place. Detective Tim Marcia hopes running fingerprints through this new algorithm as well as developing new fingerprints will help him crack the case.

The second technology breakthrough from the FBI is the Combined DNA Index System known as Codis. Codis contains the information of nearly fourteen million offenders and arrestees. Information from the crime can link a crime to any on of these individuals fitting the description or the individual can be linked to multiple crimes taking place with the same M.O. Detective Tim Marcia can use Codis to search for crimes taking place with this M.O. outside his jurisdiction and can only hope it allows him to collect more evidence from crime scenes and possibly catch the killer.

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