Visualisation: A Powerful Tool


“Sandition”, originally called The Brothers, is an unfinished novel by Jane Austen. Austen’s illness prevented her from finishing this novel. “Sandition” takes place in the early 1800’s and the setting describes the pinned pictures. Sandition is a fishing village being constructed into a seaside resort. The story revolves around Charlotte Heywood who is the daughter of the gentleman that helps Mr. and Mrs. Parker (the leaders of Sandition). Mr. Parker takes this young lady back to help promote his town and turn the seaside resort into a thriving business.

In Sandition, there are many materialistic objects that are significantly related to the plot of the story. The pictures help the reader visualise the story in a way once unimaginable. Pins such as the horse toppling the carriage shows the reader how and why all this story is allowed to take place. If the carriage doesn’t topple, Charlotte cannot spend her summer in Sandition and the town cannot get promoted. The picture on top of the fireplace is another powerful pin since it allows Charlotte to interpret information on Lady Denham and how she values her title over her wealth. Additionally, the pin of the sea helps the reader understand the business aspect behind Mr. Parker’s obsession. Nowadays seaside resorts in Mexico and California  make a lot of money and are booming tourist industries which is what Mr. Parker was trying to promote all along.

Seeing all these pictures together lets the reader compare this town of 1817 to today’s world and how successful of a town it would be today due to congested cities and people eagerly looking to sit seaside.