Traditional Novel versus StoryCenter

Critical Analysis

In the digital story “Lost and Found,” by Jeff Leinaweaver, the 1958 Piper Tri-pacer N8722D airplane connects two fathers and orphans.  The narrator mentioned above is an adopted orphan who describes how this particular airplane has been the central object in his family. Overall, Leinaweaver tells the story behind this aircraft and uses images and music to tell the new owner and other viewers its true value.

StoryCenter is a digital storytelling platform which allows its users to use voice, music, style and images to deliver a message in short 3-4 minute videos. The stories focus on deep emotional issues such as this one to engage the viewer. This platform allows the viewer to make a connection with the narrator which would otherwise not be possible with a traditional novel since the reader can only make connections with the fictional characters instead of the voice behind them. StoryCenter also allows the viewer to visualise the story through the images displayed and the many sounds of music played throughout the story. However, since these videos are very short, topics are only lightly touched on and characters are briefly introduced and the stories lack a sense of attainment since the conclusion leaves the viewer with far too many questions. Compare this to traditional novels where the characters are fully developed and the story is complete since there is no limit to the chapters.

Technology has advanced and has forced traditional industries to change. Although StoryCenter has certain advantages, it still lacks to fully migrate into a successful medium and replace the traditional novel. Also, shouldn’t some things be left traditional to fully enjoy the experience?

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