Hi everyone,

My name is Harsimran Nagra and I am from Surrey, B.C. I have come to Beedie School of Business following my brother’s footsteps who has currently entered his 4th year in the BBA program. The only thing that fascinates me more than learning about business is playing basketball as I have been playing at the high school senior level since the Spring of grade 9. Due to parent’s hardwork, I have been fortunate enough to visit my homeland of Punjab 5 times with short 3-5 day stays occuring in Singapore, Beijing, England, and Frankfurt. I plan to get my undergraduate degree from SFU while concentrating in Accounting since my father is an Accountant. After obtaining my BBA, I plan to go to law school and hopefully become a corporate lawyer.

I look forward to overcoming any and all challenges that lie ahead for the next 4 years and hopefully have a successful future.